The Scrimba Scholarship Program

The Scrimba Scholarship Program

This scholarship program awards free Scrimba Pro subscriptions to aspiring developers who can’t afford to buy a subscription on their own. If you are accepted into the scholarship, you will get full access to the entire Scrimba catalogue for 6 months. You also get the ability to join exclusive Pro channels in our Discord community.

How does it work?

To apply for a scholarship, fill out this form. We review applications once per month, so you will get a reply within 4-5 weeks. If your application is accepted, your Scrimba account will automatically be upgraded to a Pro Membership account. This will grant you access to all our courses, plus give you access to Pro channels in our Discord community.

Who can apply for this scholarship?

You should only apply for the scholarship if you are serious about becoming a professional software developer, and if you can’t afford the Pro subscription. We already provide purchasing power parity for low-income countries so that our service is accessible for as many people as possible. There is no age limit for applicants, as long as you are serious about your coding journey.

Displaced People and Refugees

We are happy to make this scholarship available to those who have been forced to flee their homes due to war, famine, and persecution.

Can non-profits and charities apply as well?

Yes! We would love to collaborate with more non-profits who help people break into the tech industry. If so, please select “I am applying as a non-profit / charity” in the application form, and proceed as usual.